315 Sign guy

All fish bodies are wood, mostly basswood, a few cedar, some pine.  Fins and tails are found materials—steel, license plates, copper roofing—some are painted, some left original. Old mailboxes and vintage signs make great tails.

The bases of the pedestal fish are made of soapstone except Big Daddy which is slate I think, all supporting rods are steel.

Paint on some is oil, some acrylic, some common house paint, some pasted on handmade Italian paper or Sunday funnies.

Many fish are meticulously crafted, some are intentionally rough.

Some fish come equiped with wheels as “optional equipment”—allowing them upward mobility and more opportunity—that some of their landlocked cousins hanker for.

A couple fish have as asterisk(*) next to their size. They have been altered since the photo was taken, so ask me about those.

All sizes are listed with length then height. Fish on a pedestals, the height would be the total height from the base to the uppermost portion of the fish.

Craig Dicken